December 15, 2010

Huckleberry Hound

by Amphibian NF56903

Subject: not your average huckleberry hound

he he … must be the dawg in me.

- Tyrone Hayes, via

December 7, 2010

Touched So Many People

by Amphibian NF56903

Snap you froggy fingers, the frog doc Tyrone Hayes has got a original rap for ya!

Subject: i’ve touched so many

Been here, been there
Virtually everywhere
Even brought Harvard to the hood

From the steps to the steeple
I’ve touched so many people
Who’da ever thought that I would?

From farmer Dan
To the leaders of BCF and PAN..
I! focused their attention

From the NRDC
To the children, you see?
And those I still can’t mention

A revolution?
A new solution?
All have come to quench their thirst

Regulation in the new administration?
Legislation or litigation?
Wonder who’ll get you first?



November 29, 2010

The Terrordome

by Amphibian NF56903

Been awhile since we’ve looked at some lyrics that frog doc Tyrone Hayes has quoted in an email, let’s get to it!

“my home…is your home now, welcome to the terrordome” (Chuck D)



November 22, 2010

A Riddle ???

by Amphibian NF56903

Here’s a riddle from the frog doc Tyrone Hayes:

Subject: ????

how can you possibly win, if you don’t know the rules of the game?how can you know the rules, if you don’t know what the game is?how can you play, if you are not even sure it is a game?you don’t know the beginning, and the ending has already been only know what you know. you have no idea, what you don’t know what i want you to know.




November 15, 2010

The Wolf in Black Clothing

by Amphibian NF56903

Time for another original rap from the frog dog Tyrone Hayes!

i’m sittin here rappin’ ’bout
how you should be tappin’ out
cuz i dropped that ILL-I-NOIS(E)
yeah, the man in black
just keeps comin back,
you don’t want to step to me, boys!

you talkin’ ’bout my wealth
say you worried ’bout yo health
cuz your bp goes up with your loathing
maybe you should settle down
…stop following me around
and bow down to the wolf in black clothing


November 8, 2010

Question of the Week: Indiana Edition

by Amphibian NF56903

Time for the question of the week asked by the frog doc Tyrone Hayes: via

RE: i own this

do they grow corn in indiana?

Good question…good question.


November 5, 2010

Fatherly Advice

by Amphibian NF56903

Subject: “make it a fair fight”

my father (Romeo Hayes) used to say…”Son… if you ever venture down a dark alley, and find me surrounded by dozens of my foes all bearingknives… with me unarmed…and you have a gun…make it a fair fight… Give them the gun!”

- Tyrone Hayes via



November 1, 2010

Rap of the Week – Ain’t no Bark Just BITE

by Amphibian NF56903

Time for another original rap from the frog doc Tyrone Hayes! via

Ain’t no bark, just BITE!
Like a wolf prowl-in’ tonight
and even Shazam and Isis
can’t solve yo crisis
you done got yo’self a fight!



October 26, 2010

Dictionary Help

by Amphibian NF56903

In addition to profanity, vulgar rap lyrics, cheesy lyrics, general craziness, etc sometimes the frog doc Tyrone Hayes feels the need to supply vocab lessons or something.

Take this email for example:

ACTIVIST: (n) one that advocates or practices activism
Activism: (n) a doctrine or practice that emphasizes vigorous action.
Vigorous: (adj) possessing vigor; full of physical or mental strength or active force
Active: (adj) characterized by action rather than by contemplation or speculation.
Force: (n) a strength or energy especially of an exceptional degree; active power; vigor.
(Webster’s Third New International Dictionary)


October 22, 2010

I Don’t Get It

by Amphibian NF56903

Sometimes emails have pretty clear and direct messages, sometimes they make no sense to this frog…maybe someone else understands it (besides just frog doc Tyrone Hayes).  Take a look: via

Subject: tr*ck sh*t, n*w?

just about to board my plane right now for the “land down under” then layover in illinois … some otherlocations? (B@!!! but 2$? . .i don’t *** you know it!) … hmmm, “f*ck wh*t y** h**rd .. .it’s what youhearin … LISTEN!'”is it true? did you really change your name to “busta’ bust down som’th’n”?



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